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Placing An Order

If you would like to place an order with us, please follow the steps listed below:

  • Log into your account

  • Browse the site for the book(s) you would like to order

  • Once you have clicked on a book, add it to your shopping cart by clicking on the 'Add to Cart' button

  • Once you have selected all the books you would like, click the 'View Cart' button in the same book window or the cart icon at the top right of the page

  • Verify the books and quantities you have selected

  • If you have a coupon code, enter it ‘Coupon Code’ field

  • Once your order is complete, select ‘Proceed to Checkout’

  • Enter your shipping and payment information

  • If all of the information is accurate, click the 'Place Order' button

  • Once your order is submitted, you will see an order confirmation message as well as receive an order confirmation email to verify your purchase details.

For your convenience Book Outlet has an American and Canadian website for you to shop on. When placing your order on, your order will be charged in US funds. Should you place your order on the wrong website, you will be charged the current exchange rate by your bank, which will be the full responsibility of the customer and not Book Outlet.


We accept the following payment methods when placing an order: VISA, Mastercard, American Express (US only) and PayPal.

When a credit card is used to place an order, Book Outlet will initially process a pre-authorization charge on your credit card. This pre-authorized charge will be pending on your credit card statement until your order is shipped. Once your order is shipped from our warehouse, the pre-authorized payment will be complete and the funds processed.

The most common reasons for a credit card to be declined are listed below:

  • If there is a middle initial printed on the card, it needs to be included in the “first name” field. It is important that the name be entered exactly how it appears to be printed on the card.
  • The billing information provided on your order must match exactly the address that was used to register your credit card. If you are not sure of this address, please reference a recent credit card statement.
  • If you have made several attempts to put the order through, your credit card company may flag your account from purchasing.

If the above steps do not assist in having an order successfully placed, we encourage you to contact your credit card company directly with any further inquiries.

In cases such as this, PayPal has charged your account, but we did not receive your order or payment in our system. The charge on your PayPal account will be reimbursed back to you by PayPal within 1-5 business days, as it is not tied to an order with us.

About My Order

Order processing times in our warehouse may take 1-3 business days (excluding weekends and holidays). However, during peak seasons with higher volumes, order processing can take 3-5 business days (excluding weekends and holidays).

Once the order is shipped, you will receive a shipping confirmation email with a tracking number, which will also be posted on your Book Outlet account under Past Orders

*Please note: that once the tracking number is assigned, we kindly ask you to allow 3-5 business days for the carrier to begin posting updates on their website. For more information regarding shipping timeframes, please visit our Shipping page. 

To see the current status of an order, please visit your Past Orders page for details. This page lists all of the orders you have placed with us. The last column of the list will inform you of the order's current status. If the order has shipped you may click on the status to view the tracking information regarding the order.

UNF status means that an order was not able to be fulfilled. While a rare occurrence, this means that the items in your order had become unavailable while your order was being processed for shipping. UNF will be cancelled, and the pre-authorized payment on your card will drop within 3-5 business days.

Once an order is placed, changes to the order cannot be made. However, if your order has not begun processing in our warehouse, you can cancel the current order and place a new one. To cancel an order, please visit your Past Orders.

*Please note: if the order has already begun processing, the order will no longer be able to be canceled. In the event that your order is no longer eligible for cancellation, you can contact our customer experience team within a maximum of 30 days from when the order was delivered to arrange for a Return Authorization Number. Please see Returns for our return policy.

If your order has not begun processing, please contact us and our Customer Experience team would be happy to advise further.

*Please note: if the order has already been shipped, changes can no longer be made. Please see Past Orders to check the status of your order.

As we want to ensure all orders are processed as quickly as possible, you may only cancel your order for a brief period of time before we begin processing it in our warehouse. Once your order has started processing, it is no longer able to be canceled. To cancel an order, please visit your Past Orders. Once an order has been canceled, please allow 1-5 business days for any charges to be reversed.

If you have questions regarding your order, please contact our Customer Experience team.

*Please note: In the event that your order is no longer eligible for cancellation, you can contact us within a maximum of 30 days from when the order was delivered to arrange for a Return Authorization Number. Please see Returns for our return policy.

Order Issues

Due to the nature of our inventory, in rare cases, the cover for a book received might not match the one in the display picture; however, the ISBN will still be the same as listed. Please be assured that the content will always be the same as described.

If you have received the incorrect ISBN or title, please contact our Customer Experience team within a maximum of 30 days from when the order was delivered. Please include your order number, contact information, as well as a brief description of the issue along with the title(s) affected - we will be happy to assist you further.

When you shop on Book Outlet, not only do you save up to 90% off brand new books, you’re also covered by our Cover to Cover Guarantee. As a company of passionate readers, we stand behind our products and can guarantee that our books are in good reading condition. Should you receive a book in a condition that’s unreadable due to damage or defect, please reach out to our Customer Experience team within 30 days of receiving your order and we guarantee we will make it right. 

If your order arrives and you notice a shortage or an error with your order, you must report it within a maximum of 30 days from when the order was expected to be delivered. In some events, a shortage could reflect a short-shipped title. Please be sure to review your shipping details or your Past Orders to confirm if any books had been short-shipped.

As well, larger orders may be shipped in more than one package. In these cases, each package will have its own tracking number. To view the tracking number(s) for your order, please visit your Past Orders page.


As a seller of publisher overstock, our entire inventory is cycled through very rapidly. This means that on a rare occasion there is an update delay for our inventory. While a book may have been available at the time your order was placed, it became unavailable while your order was being processed for shipping. Please be assured that you will not be charged for any items not included in your order. Your pre-authorized payment will be adjusted accordingly to reflect this change and you will only be charged for the items included in the order at the time of shipment.

If you would like to add the short-shipped title(s) to your Book Outlet Wishlist, you will get an email notification if/when it becomes available again.