Just Send the Text: An Expert's Guide to Letting Go of the Stress and Anxiety of Modern Dating

Just Send the Text: An Expert's Guide to Letting Go of the Stress and Anxiety of Modern Dating

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Say goodbye to the crippling stress and anxiety that come with dating in the 2020s with the dating advice all single people need.

Have you ever convinced yourself that your crush is definitely not into you because they didn’t watch your Instagram story? Have you ever pretended that you didn’t want anything serious because you assumed your potential partner didn’t want anything serious with you? Have you ever spent hours figuring out the “perfect” response to your date’s text? Well Candice Jalili, senior sex and dating writer at Elite Daily, has done all of those things and she’s here to tell you to stop. Stop giving in to your anxieties and insecurities. Stop replaying and rehashing every interaction. Stop thinking that you’re not good enough exactly the way you are. Instead, take a deep breath and just send the text.

In today’s society, dating can be stressful. And Candice gets it: between social media, dating apps, the hookup culture, and just, you know, the patriarchy—there’s no denying it; dating is hard. But there’s no reason for dating to transform you into a ball of stress. Laid out in seven easy-to-follow steps, Just Send the Text will help you to let go of any dating-related stress and anxiety by accepting that, for the right person, just being yourself is more than enough.

The book is filled with helpful tips including:
• Don’t be afraid to block someone on social media
• Embrace dating apps as one of the many ways to meet a potential partner
• Stop wasting your time trying to convince someone you’re worthy of theirs
• Being vulnerable might hurt in the short-term, but it will benefit you in the long-run

Featuring first-person interviews with real women, visual aids, and compelling statistics, Just Send the Text will give you the courage to put yourself back out there, embrace dating once again, and find a real, authentic kind of love in today’s world.

ISBN: 9781982154783

Published Date: February 2, 2021

Publisher: Tiller Press

Language: English

Page Count: 184

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