Chemistry (30-Second)

Chemistry (30-Second)

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You may be familiar with atoms and molecules, but do you know why certain particles behave differently from others, or what happens when they join together? What are polymers and why are they so useful? Why is energy released when an atom splits, and where does it come from? How many nanocars would fit across the diameter of a human hair?

30-Second Chemistry breaks the subject down into the 50 most significant ideas that help us understand the nature of matter, explaining each in just 300 words and one picture. Explore the properties and behaviour of solids, liquids and gases and examine the elements of the periodic table. Discover the structures of natural and synthetic materials and their fascinating range of uses, from fuel and food to manufacturing and medicine. Get to grips with chemical equations, acids and bases, nuclear fission and the laws of thermodynamics, and find out how the particles around and inside you are making it all possible.

ISBN: 9781782409724

Published Date: January 1, 2017

Publisher: Ivy Press Limited

Language: English

Page Count: 160

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