Wake Up and SOAR - How to Master Your Own Wellbeing

Wake Up and SOAR - How to Master Your Own Wellbeing

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Our fundamental relationship is the one that we have with ourselves, master this and we master all else.
We live in a world where stress and chronic disease are spiralling out of control. Our greatest need today is to learn how to relax and this begins with the mind.  Wake Up and SOAR presents a clear and simple road map which empowers you to create a relaxed supportive lifestyle providing a stable base from which to pursue your heartfelt desires.  The core tool S.O.A.R has its roots in ancient wisdom and is expressed as a modern day 'practice' to help us move from our 'normal' fear based state of mind to our 'natural' calm quality of mind, where we accept life as it is and therefore flow with her, rather than against her.
First up is Step 1: Wake Up and SOAR, where Chris introduces the idea of 'quality of mind'.  He then goes on to explain SOAR, the tool that allows you to return to your 'natural' quality of mind:

S - Slow down
O - Observe inwardly and connect with your breath
A - Accept all that is arising without judgement
R - Relax deeply and sense your inner peace of being

In Step 2: Design a Life Which Flows, Chris explains how we are all attracting our lives towards us and gives further tools to create a supportive lifestyle.
Lastly, in Step 3: Pursue Your Dreams, Chris introduces the Law of Magic which expresses your ability to dream and pursue those dreams, however large or small.

ISBN: 9781780289144

Published Date: May 3, 2016

Publisher: Watkins Publishing

Language: English

Page Count: 330

Size: 8.07" l x 5.98" w x 1.22" h