Ian Rankin Box Set (Resurrection Men/Let It Bleed/Dead Souls)

Ian Rankin Box Set (Resurrection Men/Let It Bleed/Dead Souls)

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This package includes 3 novels by Ian Rankin - all featuring Detective Inspector John Rebus..

Dead Souls

Assigned to conduct surveillance over a convicted murderer just deported back to Edinburgh, Rebus finds himself in a game of cat-and-mouse with a cruelly clever criminal who turns the tables and begins to watch Rebus himself. Add to this Rebus's personal crusade against a pedophile living near a playground, a cop's suicide that may have far-reaching implications, and a high-school sweetheart whose teenage son is missing, and Rebus is in the middle of more than one deadly, dangerous mess.

Let It Bleed

Struggling through another Edinburgh winter Rebus finds himself sucked into a web of intrigue that throws up more questions than answers. Was the Lord Provost's daughter kidnapped of just another runaway? Why is a city councilor shredding documents that should have been waste paper years ago? And why on earth is Rebus invited to a clay pigeon shoot at the home of the Scottish Office's Permanent Secretary? Sucked into the machine that is modern Scotland, Rebus confronts the fact that some of his enemies may be beyond justice.

Resurrection Men

Letting fly at the Chief Superintendent with a full mug of the vending machine's finest can't be ignored - Detective Inspector John Rebus in sent back to the Police College for retraining, along with four of the Scottish Forces more unorthodox detectives. But the unsolved case the malcontents have been assigned to is one some of the team are familiar with. Rebus knew the victim only too well. Is the choice of case deliberate? Are the Big House looking not to resurrect their erstwhile colleagues, but rather to find a way of getting rid of them for good?

ISBN: 9781774022092

Published Date: January 1, 2020

Publisher: Orion

Language: English

Size: 7.73" l x 5.07" w x 3.54" h