The Brain: An Illustrated History of Neuroscience

The Brain: An Illustrated History of Neuroscience

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100 Discoveries That Changed History

The thoughts and deeds of great thinkers always make great stories, and her we have one hundred all together. Each story relates a ponderable, a weighty problem that became a discovery that changed the way we see the world.

Knowledge does not arrive fully formed, it requires many minds to puzzle over the evidence and, step by step, edge ever closer to the answers. This book tracks the history of neuroscience, which investigates how the brain controls the body, perceives the world, and creates our emotions thoughts, and personalities. The story of neuroscience has many plotlines, as researchers gradually revealed that the three-pound lump of fat and protein inside the head was actually a mass of 86 billion cells working in a network made up of trillions of connections.

Ancient cultures saw the brain as a cooling organ; to them the heart was the seat of the soul. Next the brain was understood as a hub of "animal spirits" that flowed through the nerves to wield control over the body. The discovery of the neuron changed all that, and since then, the brain has been understood as a network of cells that communicates with electric pulses and chemical messengers. Neuroscience has revealed much about the brain, which is arguably the most complex thing in the Universe, but it is still a new science, with many discoveries to come.

This book includes a 12-page removable timeline that embeds the story in historical context.

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Published Date: January 1, 2015

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