The Physics of Brand: Understand the Forces Behind Brands That Matter

The Physics of Brand: Understand the Forces Behind Brands That Matter

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If your organization wants to better understand customer experience and how it contributes to brand value, The Physics of Brand is the place to start. This book offers a practical framework that shows how brands interact with people in time and space -- to create value for people, brand owners, and society.

The authors leave a smile in your mind as they weave neuroscience, micro and macroeconomics and systems thinking into a narrative equally rewarding for general managers, marketers and finance leaders. If you think branding is limited to communication, sales conversions, or logo design, this book will expand your worldview. If you want a more precise method to value brands, this book will light your hair on fire.

Through the Time Model, you'll learn why first moments are vital in creating long term brand memories, and you'll find out how to design moments that lead to emotional engagement. You will also learn why time spent with a brand is an important and under-appreciated indicator of brand energy.

The Space Model shows how brands operate in the real world of Brand Owners, Brand Handlers, Communities and People. The Jacob's Ladder Model shows how brand signals ladder-up to brand value. These three models provide a new framework to assess the value of brands and provide the tools to design superior customer experiences.

The chapters ground the ideas in reality through case studies that include KIND, Smartwool, Patagonia and The Honest Company, with fun detours such as Snoop Dog and Willy Nelson sharing a bucket of KFC in an Amsterdam parking lot. The writing is as friendly as the ideas are elevated. Each chapter includes clear summaries, mind bending thought experiments and pleasant diversions.

This book is for leaders who want to improve the customer experience in a measurable way. The Physics of Brand will help you arrive at a rewarding destination. The book presents a brand-new way of thinking.

ISBN: 9781440342677

Published Date: July 21, 2016

Publisher: F & W Publications

Language: English

Page Count: 192

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