Teenagers 101: What a Top Teacher Wishes You Knew About Helping Your Kid Succeed

Teenagers 101: What a Top Teacher Wishes You Knew About Helping Your Kid Succeed

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Moody, flighty, enigmatic - teenagers can make us anxious. Will they ever do their homework without being nagged? Why do they care about fashion more than their classes? When will they take responsibility for their decisions and stop blaming other kids, teachers, or you?

For answers, we turn to family, friends, counselors - everyone but the people who observe teens day in and day out: their teachers! In Teenagers 101, veteran teacher Rebecca Deurlein offers a rare window into the teenage experience at school, with insights for guiding them through these transitional years.

With warmth, humor, and straight-talking advice, she identifies the everyday teen behaviors that cause teachers real concern, such as making excuses, cheating, failing to advocate for themselves, and giving up in the face of difficulty. And she exposes the negative impacts of cherished parental practices like offering rewards for grades or over-assisting with homework.

The best outcomes, she explains, are achieved through healthy support, stripped of excessive coddling. Teenagers 101 follows a middle path between hands-off and hovercraft, where common sense and parental love fuse into a parenting style that fosters internal growth.

Scenarios, scripts, and targeted solutions teach you when to step in and when to step back, how to activate your teen's motivation, what the hidden advantages of honors and AP classes are, and how to forge alliances with teachers. You'll focus on character as the key driver of success, and learn to instill the crucial life lessons teenagers need as they feel their way into adulthood.

ISBN: 9780814434659

Published Date: January 1, 2015

Publisher: AMACOM

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