History's Greatest Lies: The Startling Truth Behind World Events Our History Books Got Wrong

History's Greatest Lies: The Startling Truth Behind World Events Our History Books Got Wrong

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Acclaimed history writer William Weir takes on the most common myths that our school textbooks have proliferated through the years. He not only uncovers some startling untruths, but also he exposes the reasoning behind each lie and examines why the myths keep going. The true stories behind historical events give readers a fascinating new look at our past. The revelations shock and amaze by exposing veiled motivations and convenient inaccuracies in well-documented actions by established leaders that often have a continuing effect on the world.

Each of the fifteen chapters points out a myth that is held as a common truth in history and summarizes what we think we know. Then the author shreds the tale to academic ribbons using the latest findings on each subject. Each true story sets the record straight, reveals timeless ulterior motives, introduces important personalities who successfully (and suspiciously) avoided responsibility in common history texts, and notes underlining issues that have continued relevance in the modern age. For instance, did Nero really fiddle as Rome burned? Did Paul Revere actually alert the militia that the British were coming? Did the Catholic Church imprison Galileo because his teachings conflicted with the Bible?

Weir travels through the globe and time to bring you the stories behind the people, the places, and conflicts you thought you knew. The result is a captivating read for history enthusiasts or those just hungry for the truth.

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Published Date: July 31, 2018

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