97 Ways to Make a Cat Like You

97 Ways to Make a Cat Like You

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97 Ways to Make a Cat Like You is the perfect interactive guide to these mysterious, fickle, seemingly aloof - yet really, just particular - pets. Paired with a full-color photograph of friendly, extroverted, happy cats (in case you've forgotten what a cat looks like when he "likes" you), the 97 inspired, occasionally silly but always behaviorally-based tips and tricks prove that when a cat is treated right, he or she will respond in kind. Within reason.

There's the "Eye on the Ball" - record a tennis match or a Ping-Pong game on TV to play back for your cat when he needs a bit of exercise.

"Cat Burrito" - wrap your cat in a towel, burrito-style, which is particularly good for anxious pets or trips to the vet.

The "Boing, Boing!" - wind pipe cleaners around a pencil in a spiral shape to create springs. Carefully slide off the pencil so the spirals go "boing" when pressed.

The classic "Tickle, Tickle" - tickle Kitty under her chin and softly say "gitchy, gitchy, gitchy" in your highest-pitched voice.

And for the cat owner willing to go the distance, the "There's No Business Like Show Business" - practice your best Ethel Merman by belting out favorite show tunes for your cat. Kitty won't care if you're off-key and she'll enjoy the stimulation.

ISBN: 9780761182160

Published Date: April 7, 2015

Publisher: Workman Publishing Company

Language: English

Page Count: 208

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