The Raven's Gift

The Raven's Gift

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Jon Turk has kayaked around Cape Horn, traversed the Northwest Passage and paddled across the Pacific Rim. But, the strangest trip he ever took was his journey a man of science into the spirit world. In a remote Siberian village, Turk met a Koryak shaman, and learned about her healing powers. A year later, the shaman entreated the spirit of a great, black raven to help mend Turk's fractured pelvis. When the shaman's work was done, Turk was able to walk without pain. As a scientist, he could find no rational explanation for the healing and he set off in search of the raven, across the frozen tundra where the shaman was born. Framed by high adventure across the vast and forbidding Siberian landscape, The Raven's Gift is a life-altering vision of the ties between the natural and spiritual realms, informed by one man's awakening.

ISBN: 9780312611774

Published Date: November 8, 2011

Publisher: St. Martin's Press

Language: English

Page Count: 324

Size: 8.31" l x 5.47" w x 1.02"