Baby Meets World

Baby Meets World

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Like most new parents, Nicholas Day found himself puzzling over the endless mysteries of his infant son: Why does he find the straightjacket of his swaddling blanket comforting, not terrifying? How does he understand that funny noises are funny? At the same time, he also pondered the mysteries of parenting such as: Why is there such a stigma against pacifiers? If breast-feeding is so elemental, why is it often so elusive? After returning from the local bookshop empty-handed, Nick Day decided to write  Baby Meets World,  a book that would speak to curious parents like him.   Baby Meets World is an engaging, story-driven account of infancy that answers basic, but eternally confounding questions by drawing on cutting edge scientific research, as well as cross-cultural, historical, and personal perspectives. Organized around the four fundamental activities of infancy - sucking, smiling, touching and toddling - Day tells a fascinating new story about a child's first experiences of the world in all its strangeness and splendor.

ISBN: 9780312591342

Published Date: April 2, 2013

Publisher: St. Martin's Press

Language: English

Page Count: 356

Size: 8.58" l x 5.91" w x 1.22"