Veil of Lies

Veil of Lies

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Crispin Guest is a disgraced knight, stripped of his rank and his honor - but left with his life - for plotting against Richard II. Having lost his betrothed, his friends, his patrons and his position in society and with no trade to support him and no family willing to acknowledge him, Crispin has turned to the one thing he still has - his wits - to scrape a living together on the mean streets of London. In 1383, Guest is called to the compound of a merchant - a reclusive mercer who suspects that his wife is being unfaithful and wants Guest to look into the matter. Not wishing to sully himself in such disgraceful, dishonorable business but in dire need of money, Guest agrees and discovers that the wife is indeed up to something, presumably nothing good. But when he comes to inform his client, he is found dead - murdered in a sealed room, locked from the inside. Now Guest has come to the unwanted attention of the Lord Sheriff of London. And everything seems to turn on a religious relic - a veil reported to have wiped the brow of Christ - that is now missing.

ISBN: 9780312580124

Published Date: October 13, 2009

Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin

Language: English

Page Count: 278

Size: 8.45" l x 5.52" w x 0.71"