Scatter Adapt and Remember

Scatter Adapt and Remember

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As a species, Homo sapiens is at a crossroads. Study of our planet's turbulent past suggests  that we are overdue for a catastrophic disaster, whether caused by nature or by human  interference. It's a frightening prospect, as each of the Earth's past major disasters resulted  in a mass extinction, where more than 75 percent of the planet's species died out. But in  Scatter, Adapt, and Remember , Annalee Newitz explains that although global disaster is  all but inevitable, our chances of long-term species survival are better than ever.

This brilliantly speculative work of popular science focuses on humanity's long history  of dodging the bullet, as well as on new threats that we may face in years to come. Most  important, it explores how scientific breakthroughs today will help us avoid disasters  tomorrow. From simulating tsunamis, to studying central Turkey's ancient underground  cities, to designing space elevators to make space colonies cost-effective--scientists and  researchers the world over are discovering the keys to long-term resilience and learning  how humans can choose life over death.

Newitz's remarkable and fascinating journey through the science of mass extinctions  is a powerful argument about human ingenuity and our ability to change. In a world  populated by doomsday preppers and media commentators obsessively forecasting our  demise, Scatter, Adapt, and Remember is a compelling voice of hope.


ISBN: 9780143182887

Published Date: April 1, 2014

Publisher: Penguin Group

Language: English

Page Count: 305

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