Picnic At Mudsock Meadow

Picnic At Mudsock Meadow

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It's time for the annual Halloween picnic. But the kids are worried about the ghost of Titus Dinworthy. Except William, who's pretty sure old Titus is just swamp gas; it's Hester Bledden he's worried about. Every time William is about to win a contest, Hester shows up, sticks out her tongue, and shouts, "Peeee youuuuu!" But when something eerie rises out of the swamp, William gets a chance to show both Titus and Hester what a boy from Mudsock Meadow is made of.

ISBN: 9780142413920

Published Date: January 1, 2010

Publisher: Puffin Books

Language: English

Size: 10.88" l x 8.21" w x 0.13