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Tips to Read More This Summer

June 11, 2021

Don’t you just love reading outside in the summer? There’s something so refreshing about enjoying the warm breeze (and not needing a blanket to curl up with like you do in the winter)! To help you take advantage of the days ahead, we’ve come up with a list of helpful tips so you can read more this summer. So, whether you’re looking for goals, tricks, or ways to be inspired by literature in the warmer weather, we’ve got you covered. Keep reading for our suggestions on how to read more in the well-deserved sunshine!


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Reasonable Goals  

Alright, booklovers, the pressure is off! We think the first tip to getting the most out of reading this summer is to be kind to yourself. Don’t stress about reading as much or as quickly as you can. In taking the time to read, we also take the time to enjoy its benefits. If you can only read 20 minutes or 20 pages a day, remind yourself this is still a win!


Sometimes getting the most out of reading in the summer comes down to getting the most out of a single experience with a story. Take your time choosing your next read by spending time with the synopsis, looking into reviews, and thinking about why this book is captivating your attention at this time in your life. And after you’re done reading it, we recommend creating a book map that shows a constellation between the different characters, maybe different narrators, and settings. What did the book’s main message mean to you? Did you learn something new? We suggest these inquiries because getting the most out of a book doesn’t end after the closing chapter; a great story lasts in our imagination for a very long time. So when you’re done with your next read, sit with it for a little while longer.


Self-care isn’t just about enjoying a new title with a delicious meal or treating yourself to an at-home spa evening with a book. It can be as simple as replacing one thing in your routine that is no longer necessary. If you used to commute to work and are now working remotely, we recommend taking the amount of time it took to travel and dedicate it to reading. Now reading will be what motivates you to start your day and what helps you decompress in the evening. Try it! We promise you won’t be disappointed!


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Tips… or Tricks?

Finding ways to include literature in our daily routine can be challenging, but we recommend stepping out of your comfort zone to find out how rewarding it can be. Sometimes the solution is right in front of us. Reading is not a limited solitary activity but can happen anywhere we want! 


In an article published by SciTechDaily, the State University of New York College of Optometry conducted a research study that confirmed reading outside has lots of benefits! Not only is reading outdoors more visually stimulating for your brain, but it also improves your eyesight. If you’re getting some exercise into your day, why not take a pocketbook with you as a way to get some reading done. What’s better than downtime after a walk, with a book out in the sun? We recommend viewing our great list of pocketbooks for options to read more this summer.


While we’re on the awesome topic of enjoying a book in the sun, reading outdoors with kids doesn’t have to be boring or taxing! Summer is a great time to practice sensory learning outside while developing reading skills. Reading with your kids can be a fun multi-sensory experience, from learning the alphabet to finding the words in nature or identifying the animals from the book outside. This reading tip is great for kids and parents looking for interactive ways to get more out of reading this summer!


You can browse our full selection of kids’ activity books for inspiration on where to begin.


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How to Stay Captivated! 

We know sometimes reading can feel a little laborious and challenging after a long day. So if you’re feeling too tired or unmotivated to read, why not shake things up a bit! Try out a thrilling new book outside your comfort zone to capture your interest and curiosity. 


And while we recognize that we told you to take the pressure off earlier, we don’t think this little challenge will be too troublesome! If you want to get the most out of your summer reading experience but aren’t sure where to start, we suggest taking a peek at our featured Top 10 or Top 200 books as guidance. Or, you can try expanding your reach by posting on social media for book recommendations. You might be pleasantly surprised by what your friends and family suggest! 


Now, the following tip in trying to stay connected and reading more might not be for everyone, but here it goes! Read multiple books at a time. You may want to do some journaling in the morning, pick up a great self-help read for the afternoon to get some motivation, and then enjoy the evening with a scintillating drama-read to wrap up an awesome day! Who said multi-tasking couldn’t be applied to our reading habits too? Let yourself enjoy more than one story or activity book at a time this summer. 


Active Reading

Need more inspiration? Start by writing and enjoying your own novel with the new Write Now: Creative Writing Kit. This set includes a 96-page book as a writing journal, and 50 creative writing prompts in 10 different categories. You’ll have the opportunity to explore different genres and creative writing techniques to vitalize your imagination. Now you’re getting valuable first-hand experience creating a narrative, which will animate your drive to read more this summer! 


There comes a time when we need a break from plot-driven stories and alternating timelines to regroup ourselves. And that’s okay! We’re here to suggest other ways to get some reading into your summer schedule without it feeling like a burden. Perhaps it’s time to try out some “Brain Teasers”?! They’re a great activity for any booklover, including parents and kids who are looking for active and fun ways to interact with words, associations, and a fun reading experience out in the sun. Check out our selection of brain teasers for yourself!


While it may seem like common sense, this reminder is important to ALL our booklovers! We know it’s healthy to take frequent breaks from our screens, and we can use this time to socialize with our peers. You can also take this opportunity as “me” time to start a new chapter or by getting a few pages of a book in your workday. 


We also know that it’s important to rest our eyes during the day and avoid straining our attention span. Book Outlet has a great selection of compact disc audiobooks that would be great if you’re looking for an alternative way to read more this summer. From Self-Help to General Fiction & Non-Fiction, to Health & Fitness, we have it in compact disc format. 


We hope we’ve offered you some helpful new tips to read more this summer and how to get the most of the books you choose. These tips are manageable, all while still enjoying the outdoors and the sunny days! Let us know which tips you’ve tried or anything else we might have missed. 


Happy summer reading!


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