Dad and Daughter Cooking Together with Cookbook.

Fun At-Home Family Reading Activities

February 4, 2022

At-home reading activities can be interactive and fun for the whole family! If you’re looking for ways to spend more time with your loved ones and also want to incorporate reading into the mix, there are a ton of different pastimes to choose from. 

Getting the whole family together for joyful, at-home reading can help kids improve their focus, comprehension, and overall attitude toward learning. Having trouble incorporating reading into already enjoyable activities? Follow along to learn how to seamlessly add to your already cherished family time. 


Father Baking with Daughter in Sunny Kitchen.

Try Cooking Together

You might be thinking: wait, how does this relate back to reading? But stay with us. One of the most fun and interesting things about at-home cooking is looking up new recipes and reading up about food. Cookbooks are a great way to introduce kids to reading for both fun and learning, as most cookbooks offer recipes along with story-like pieces. Most cookbooks also include pictures of the meals, which helps reinforce the recipes and stories within. After all, many cookbook authors understand the relationship between food and storytelling, especially how different meals remind them of their own childhood or how different countries and places inspire their creations. 

Try finding a cookbook that teaches you how to cook meals that your own family made growing up. Or, if your child is interested in a certain country, try learning about some of their most popular dishes. Not only are you helping your child read and follow instructions, but the whole family is also learning new skills. Not to mention, you’ll be able to enjoy the final product together. Even for those picky eaters, sometimes when getting involved in the process and joining in the excitement to share their creations is a great way to spark their interest in new foods. No matter what, we have a ton of great cookbooks that the whole family can enjoy. They’re super informative, entertaining, and kid-friendly!


Dad and Daughter Reading Book Together on Couch.

Read Out Loud or With the Whole Family 

Reading out loud and acting out scenes from a book is a great way to add play to reading time. It’s a way to stretch the imagination while also finding enjoyment in reading. By reading aloud, children can follow along with the words on the page and pick up on difficult pronunciations, all while enjoying the story. Some children don’t like reading alone, or they find it difficult to ask for help if they’re stuck on a certain word. So, by reading out loud, you help facilitate a calming and fun environment where your child can learn more about reading, all while remaining excited at the prospect of learning to read.  

Kids can learn new words, and by acting out scenes, they can gain comprehension skills. Take turns reading out loud or acting out scenes so the whole family gets to participate. Make it even more fun by playing dress-up, building a make-shift stage or even trying your hand at character voices or impersonations to add even more of a fun spin to the story. However, every young reader is different and some children really do enjoy reading alone and might not want to read out loud in this way. And that’s ok too! You can also suggest that you and your child read together, separately. Having the whole family enjoy quiet reading time together can be just as fun and helpful as reading out loud. 


Mom and Daughter Reading Books at Bedtime.

Bedtime Stories 

It seems so simple, but bedtime stories being a family activity and part of your nightly routine can be a fun activity for everyone. Not only does it foster a love for reading, but it also creates stability and routine for everyone in the house. Bedtime stories are enjoyable at-home activities that also help foster healthy sleeping habits and are a great alternative to screen-based activities before bed. Reading can help reduce anxiety, which means both you and your loved ones will be able to get some well-deserved z’s. 

Depending on the age or reading level of your child, look for books with plenty of pictures and stories that your child is interested in. This will help them stay focused on the story throughout the session, allowing them to feel content before hitting the hay. Also, don’t be afraid to read the same story more than once a week. It’s important to change it up, but reading the same book can actually be quite helpful for your child. If they anticipate the words you’re about to say, they can follow along on the page. This can help with spelling, language, learning comprehension, and even memorization. 


Fun for the Whole Family

At-home family reading activities don’t have to be just about sitting in silence. They can be interactive and energizing, as well as relaxing. Think about how you can incorporate reading into your most beloved at-home activities and try to brainstorm even more fun activities. If you’re a book lover that incorporates reading at home, please feel welcome to leave your tips & tricks in the comments too!

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