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Wilson, Steve
(Board Books)

45% off list price of $7.99

Horace and Hattie are hedgehogs, and the very best of friends. Together, they make daisy chains, splash in puddles, and have tea parties. But there is one thing they can't do - hug! They are just too spiky. Throughout the seasons, these two hedgehogs will try many different ways of hugging. But w...

The Shades of Magic Series (A Conjuring of Light/A Gathering of Shadows/A Darker Shade of Magic)
Schwab, V. E.
(Boxed Set)

69% off list price of $49.97

Experience the fate of beloved heroes and notorious foes in V. E. Schwab’s New York Times bestselling Shades of Magic trilogy together in a boxset with additional content. Bonus pull-out map included!Kell is one of the last Antari - magicians with a rare, coveted ability to travel between paralle...

Words and Your Heart
Neal, Kate Jane
(Picture Books)

61% off list price of $16.99

Simple, direct, and emotive, Words and Your Heart's message is that words have extraordinary power - to harm and to heal, to create and to destroy, and to spread love.

Lucy Ladybug
King-Chai, Sharon
(Picture Books)

74% off list price of $16.99

Lucy Ladybug has no spots! When the other ladybugs make fun of her, she decides to find spots of her own. Finally, with the help of some new friends, Lucy realizes the beauty of being different.Colors, numbers, and seasons are gently introduced in this relatable story, which includes a big fold-o...

No Probllama!
Believe Ideas Ltd., Make
(Board Books)

56% off list price of $9.99

Llama loves trying new things, such as swimming, ballet dancing, and karate! This simple rhyme encourages children to try new things, just like Llama. The rhyming refrain encourages children to join in with the story.Fun touches and hilarious illustrations will keep parents and children entertain...

A Cooked-Up Fairy Tale
Klostermann, Penny Parker

63% off list price of $17.99

From the creators of There Was an Old Dragon Who Swallowed a Knight comes a fun fractured fairy tale about an aspiring chef who mistakenly turns story ingredients into delectable dishes. . . . Uh-oh!In the magical land of fairy tales, William doesn’t quite fit in. He’d rather poach pe...

All Kinds of Kisses
Swain, Heather
(Board Books)

51% off list price of $7.99

We humans smooch with our lips. But how do giraffes, whales, hummingbirds, tree frogs, and other creatures kiss? It's fun to wonder about and to see in the pages of this charming book, which includes facts about each animal at the end.

Five Little Hearts (Pop-out and Play)
Machell, Dawn (Ilt)
(Board Books)

58% off list price of $7.99

Introducing a simple story in an exciting novelty format! Read along with the rhythmic text as Kitten shares five hearts with her friends. Each heart can be lifted out and played with, then returned to its page like a jigsaw piece. With this extra added element, children can use the book in multi...

Hens Don't Crow!
Benjamin, A. H.
(Board Books)

50% off list price of $8.95

When Rooster gets a sore throat, the farm animals start to panic - who will wake them up in the morning? Hen says she'll do it . . . but how? Everyone knows hens don't crow!

One Rainy Day
Butler, M. Christina
(Board Books)

50% off list price of $8.95

Little Hedgehog is delighted when he wakes up to find it is raining. At last he can try out his shiny new raincoat, hat and boots, and his wonderful, sparkly umbrella. But soon the rain gets faster and the wind gets blowier, and Little Hedgehog's rainy day turns into a great big adventure!

Page 1 of 1 - 10 results

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