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101 Things I Learned in Advertising School
Arrington, Tracy

63% off list price of $18.00

Providing unique, accessible lessons on advertising, this title in the bestselling 101 Things I Learned® series is a perfect resource for students, recent graduates, general readers, and even seasoned professionals.

There's Money Where Your Mouth Is (Fourth Edition)
Clark, Elaine A.

74% off list price of $24.99

Voices are increasingly in demand for commercials, video games, audio books, cartoon characters, announcements, and other spots. This outstanding handbook explains how to launch a career and work in the field of professional voice-overs. Along with sample commercials and script copy, the author g...

Fascinate: How to Make Your Brand Impossible to Resist (Revised and Updated)
Hogshead, Sally

68% off list price of $28.99

Why is Jägermeister the most popular brand nobody likes? Why do women pay more to be fascinating than they spend on food and clothes? What raises the price of gummy worms by 1000%?And then there’s the most important question of all: How can your brand become impossible to resist? Master marketer ...

Retail's Seismic Shift: How to Shift Faster, Respond Better, and Win Customer Loyalty
Dart, Michael

83% off list price of $26.99

For one hundred years, retail was designed for the car - buildings and malls to travel to. Now it is designed for the mobile smart device - for consumers to travel with. In a world with an overabundance of material goods, consumer values and the drivers of retail success are being radically redef...

Ice to the Eskimos: How to Market a Product Nobody Wants
Spoelstra, Jon

72% off list price of $23.95

Maybe your product is outmoded.Or hasn't been positioned correctly.Or is competing in a crowded market.Whatever the reason, Ice to the Eskimos is dedicated to helping you reclaim that lost ground.It's about taking a product or service and turning it into a winner.If you've got a product that is n...

Frenemies: The Epic Disruption of the Ad Business (and Everything Else)
Auletta, Ken

67% off list price of $30.00

An intimate and profound reckoning with the changes buffeting the $2 trillion global advertising and marketing business from the perspective of its most powerful players, by the bestselling author of GoogledAdvertising and marketing touches on every corner of our lives, and is the invisible fuel ...

Zero-Resistance Selling
Maltz, Maxwell

65% off list price of $15.95

Dr. Maxwell Maltz, the creator of Psycho-Cybernetics, and five hugely successful sales entrepreneurs reveal how to apply this powerful self-improvement program to every aspect of selling. Learn how to completely eliminate customer resistance even as you remove your own mental obstacles and doubt...

Starting Your Career as an Interior Designer
Hale, Robert K.

80% off list price of $19.99

Overview not currently availableNOTE: This is a Scratch & Dent book and may have noticeable dents, scratches and various other cosmetic issues as well as torn or missing dust jacket. These items are only guaranteed to be structurally complete and readable and therefore are sold as is.

Fables Of Abundance
Lears, Jackson

67% off list price of $23.00

Fables of Abundance ranges from the traveling peddlers of early modern Europe to the twentieth-century American corporation, exploring the ways that advertising collaborated with other cultural institutions to produce the dominant aspirations and anxieties in the modern United States.

Designers Don't Read
Howe, Austin

61% off list price of $19.95

Austin Howe is a creative director, writer, advocate, and cheerleader for design - but not a designer. He believes “in the wonder and exuberance of someone who gets paid by clients to do what he loves.” Howe places immense value on curiosity and passion to help designers develop a point of view, ...

The Big Book of Design Ideas 3
Carter, David E.

76% off list price of $49.95

The Big Book of Design Ideas 3 is the third of its kind. Like its predecessors, each piece in it was chosen for its ability to inspire others to create wonderful design. Full of hundreds of innovative ideas, this book can offer the impetus you need to upscale your present project from good to g...

The Face-to-Face Book: Why Real Relationships Rule in a Digital Marketplace
Keller, Ed

67% off list price of $19.99

Overview not currently available

Unbrandable: How To Succeed In The New Brand Space
Stone, Adam N

67% off list price of $24.95

The “Unbrandables” are a new kind of consumer: savvy, sensitive to inauthenticity; hostile to relentless, debt-driving materialism; and suspicious of marketing for products they do not want or that are bad for the environment.Yet this is not to say that this demographic always rejects branding. F...

The Age of Persuasion: How Marketing Ate Our Culture
O'Reilly, Terry

63% off list price of $21.00

The ad men behind CBC Radio’s The Age of Persuasion combine lively social history and years of industry experience to show how the art of persuasion shapes our culture.Witty, erudite and irrepressibly irreverent, The Age of Persuasion provides a hugely entertaining — and eye-opening — insider’s l...

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