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The Partly Cloudy Patriot
Vowell, Sarah

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Sarah Vowell travels through the American past and, in doing so, investigates the dusty, bumpy roads of her own life. Her essays confront a wide range of subjects, themes, icons, and historical moments: Ike, Teddy Roosevelt, and Bill Clinton; Canadian Mounties and German filmmakers; Tom Cruise a...

The Unspeakable
Daum, Meghan

65% off list price of $16.00

A master of the personal essay candidly explores love, death, and the counterfeit rituals of American life in this "brave, funny compendium" (Slate) Nearly fifteen years after her debut collection, My Misspent Youth, captured the ambitions and anxieties of a generation, Meghan Daum returns to the...

Waste And Want
Strasser, Susan

65% off list price of $19.00

America 1908
Rasenberger, Jim

79% off list price of $16.00

On the first morning of 1908, human flight remained, for most Americans, in the realm of myth and dream. By the end of that year, the Wright brothers would be worldwide celebrities, heralded as the first people to conquer the sky. Yet that miraculous achievement was but one of many in 1908: Teddy...

United States of Americana: Backyard Chickens, Burlesque Beauties, and Handmade Bitters: A Field Guide to the New American Roots Movement
Reighley, Kurt B.

70% off list price of $14.99

Americana. It's more than mere nostalgia; it's a conscious celebration of community and sustainability. It's a movement born in response to the ever-accelerating pace of modern life and Internet technology overload. All over the country, people are returning to an appreciation for the simpler thi...

America Against the World
Kohut, Andrew

65% off list price of $21.99

"Once you see the deep and diffuse roots of current anti-Americanism, you realize there won't be an easy fix."-- The New York Times Book Review The rise of anti-Americanism is the most pressing challenge facing us. InAmerica Against the World, Pew Research Center president Andrew Kohut and Bruce ...

Page 1 of 1 - 6 results

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