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77 Fairly Safe Science Activities for Illustrating Bible Lessons
DeYoung, Donald B.

53% off list price of $13.99

Nothing captures the attention of young people (and adults) like a creative object lesson. This hands-on book gives pastors, teachers, speakers, and homeschoolers 77 exciting science activities that reveal the order and grandeur of creation and encourage an appreciation of all God has made. These...

Give Your Child the World: Raising Globally Minded Kids One Book at a Time
Martin, Jamie C.

55% off list price of $16.99

Young children live with awe and wonder as their daily companions. But as they grow, worries often crowd out wonder. Knowing this, how can parents strengthen their kids' love for the world so it sticks around for the long haul?   Thankfully, parents have at their fingertips a miracle vaccine...

Sticky Faith Teen Curriculum: 10 Lessons to Nruture Faith Beyond High School (with DVD)
Powell, Kara E.

53% off list price of $21.99

Churches are waking up to the reality that almost half of their high school students struggle deeply with their faith in college. Offering special high school 'Senior Seminars' or giving seniors a graduation Bible and hoping for the best are too little, too late. In response to this problem, the ...

Children's Ministry Resource Bible (NKJV, 0842)
Nelson Bibles

41% off list price of $42.99

Teaching children about the Bible in a simple, clear manner that they will understand can be challenging. But the Children's Ministry Resource Bible provides a wealth of teaching aids that will help you take that challenge and make it an opportunity. Among many of the unique features inside are...

Make College Count: A Faithful Guide to Life and Learning
Melleby, Derek

57% off list price of $12.99

There's more to college than classes, credits, and a nonstop social life. It's more than getting a degree to improve one's job prospects. College is a time where students develop into the adults they will be for the rest of their lives, a time to explore the big questions about life and human des...

Unpacking Scripture in Youth Ministry
Root, Andrew

53% off list price of $12.99

Targeting in-the-trenches youth workers, Unpacking Scripture in Youth Ministry by Andrew Root points youth workers back to Scripture, showing how the Bible must inform your ministry to faithfully shape the young people in your ministry.

The Hidden Power of Electronic Culture
Hipps, Shane

68% off list price of $18.99

Shane Hipps reveals the subtle secrets of electronic culture and the hidden ways it is shaping the church. Looking beyond the details of what's happening in communities of faith, Hipps analyzes the broader impact of technology and media on the church.

Leading Your Child to Jesus: How Parents Can Talk with Their Kids about Faith
Staal, David

56% off list price of $9.99

Overview not currently available

Hope and Healing for Kids Who Cut: Learning to Understand and Help Those Who Self-Injure
Penner, Marv

61% off list price of $9.99

You may have noticed them - the kids who are hiding their pain under long sleeves or wristbands. Or you might never notice them - the ones who seem to have life together except for the deep secret that they keep hidden beneath their clothes. This is no longer a fringe issue that occurs only in th...

Girls of Grace (Workbook)
Point of Grace

78% off list price of $14.99

Point of Grace launches a new book and tour of the same title to give direction and hope to the next generation of young women. This unique book, designed to help young women grow in their Christian walk, offers practical teaching, personal stories, and biblical insight into the issues that mean ...

Give Me Jesus: Gospel-Centered Children's Ministry that Changes Lives
Frank, Ryan

52% off list price of $16.00

A hundred years from now, the only thing that will matter is a person's relationship with Jesus Christ. The gospel is the good news that we can have a relationship with God through Jesus Christ. It's the main thing. It's the reason why we do ministry. It's the reason why the church exists. It pro...

Rock-Solid Children's Ministry: Biblical Principles that Will Transform Your Ministry
Fowler, Larry

53% off list price of $13.99

In this highly practical, interactive book, Larry Fowler introduces seven biblical, foundational principles that will serve as a blueprint for ministry leaders, workers, and parents: • Right Target• Right Discipline• Right Workers• Right Focus• Right Organization• Right Power?• Right QualityStart...

Adoptive Youth Ministry: Integrating Emerging Generations into the Family of Faith (Youth, Family, and Culture)
Clark, Chap (Edt)

54% off list price of $32.99

Chap Clark, one of the leading voices in youth ministry today, brings together twenty-four experts from a variety of denominations and traditions to offer a comprehensive introduction to adoptive youth ministry.

Padres a Prueba de Crisis: Una Guía Para Prevenir y Curar los Problemas de Nuestros Hijos
Van Pelt, Rich

57% off list price of $12.99

Lo has visto en las noticias una y otra vez; tiroteos en las escuelas, adicciones en adolescentes, intimidación, trastornos alimenticios, depresión y suicidio, autolesión, embarazo. Las malas noticias no faltan cuando hablamos de los adolescentes de hoy día. Posiblemente crees que eso nunca le oc...

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