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Education Books

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The College Girl's Survival Guide: 52 Honest, Faith-Filled Answers to Your Biggest Concerns
Seymour, Hanna

50% off list price of $15.99

Hanna Seymour, a mentor to thousands of young college women, provides a plan for success in college based on experience, illustrations, and biblical principles.Each year millions of young women enter the college scene and are surprised to find their glittering preconceptions shattered. College is...

Finding Your Element
Robinson, Ken

50% off list price of $17.00

The New York Times bestselling author of The Element gives readers an inspirational and practical guide to self-improvement, happiness, creativity, and personal transformation Sir Ken Robinson’s TED talk video and groundbreaking book, The Element, introduced readers to a new concept of sel...

On China
Kissinger, Henry

66% off list price of $20.00

In this sweeping and insightful history, Henry Kissinger turns for the first time at book length to a country he has known intimately for decades and whose modern relations with the West he helped shape. On China illuminates the inner workings of Chinese diplomacy during such pivotal events as th...

The Content Trap: A Strategist's Guide to Digital Change
Anand, Bharat

62% off list price of $28.00

Harvard Business School Professor of Strategy Bharat Anand presents an incisive new approach to digital transformation that favors fostering connectivity over focusing exclusively on content. Companies everywhere face two major challenges today: getting noticed and getting paid. To confront thes...

The Champion's Comeback
Afremow, Jim

89% off list price of $25.99

Your ultimate guide to overcoming losses and injuries and achieving greatness - on and off the field.Leading sports psychologist Jim Afremow, author of The Champion’s Mind, knows what makes good athletes great, especially when they come back to win after facing devastating injuries, tough obstacl...

The Champion's Comeback
Afremow, Jim

81% off list price of $25.99

Your ultimate guide to overcoming losses and injuries and achieving greatness - on and off the field.Leading sports psychologist Jim Afremow, author of The Champion’s Mind, knows what makes good athletes great, especially when they come back to win after facing devastating injuries, tough obstacl...

Lives on the Boundary
Rose, Mike

60% off list price of $17.00

Remedial, illiterate, intellectually deficient - these are the stigmas that define America's educationally underprepared. Growing up poor, Mike Rose, nationally acclaimed educator and author, shared these labels. Now he takes us into classrooms and communities to reveal what really lies behind ...

Beyond Birds and Bees: Bringing Home a New Message to Our Kids About Sex, Love, and Equality
Rough, Bonnie J.

88% off list price of $15.99

A provocative inquiry into how we teach our children about bodies, sex, relationships and equality--with revelatory, practical takeaways from the author's research and eye-opening observations from the world-famous Dutch approach.Award-winning author Bonnie J. Rough never expected to write a book...

Give Your Child the World: Raising Globally Minded Kids One Book at a Time
Martin, Jamie C.

71% off list price of $16.99

Young children live with awe and wonder as their daily companions. But as they grow, worries often crowd out wonder. Knowing this, how can parents strengthen their kids' love for the world so it sticks around for the long haul?   Thankfully, parents have at their fingertips a miracle vaccine...

College Hacks
Bradford, Keith

60% off list price of $14.99

Hacks every college student needs to know!Want to ace your next exam? Claim victory as a beer pong champ? Remove that gross stain from your shirt before your interview? College Hacks gives you the tricks and tips you need to get ahead in life without breaking a sweat. Filled with hundreds of ways...

The Magic of Math
Benjamin, Arthur

75% off list price of $15.99

The Magic of Math is the math book you wish you had in school. Using a delightful assortment of examples - from ice-cream scoops and poker hands to measuring mountains and making magic squares - this book revels in key mathematical fields including arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and calculus, plu...

Reading Reflex
McGuinness, Carmen

51% off list price of $17.95

Backed by 25 years of research into reading, this proven and practical method is prepared by two of the nation's foremost experts. Featuring fun, easy-to-understand lessons, diagnostic tests, instructional exercises, games, and step-by-step lesson plans for parents, "Reading Reflex" provides all ...

Ebony and Ivy
Wilder, Craig Steven

75% off list price of $20.00

A 2006 report commissioned by Brown University revealed that institution's complex and contested involvement in slavery - setting off a controversy that leapt from the ivory tower to make headlines across the country. But Brown's troubling past was far from unique. In Ebony and Ivy, Craig Steven ...

The Age of Overwhelm: Strategies for the Long Haul
van Dernoot Lipsky, Laura

62% off list price of $17.95

Whether we are overwhelmed by work or school; our families or communities; caretaking for others or ourselves; or engagement in social justice, environmental advocacy, or civil service, just a few subtle shifts can help sustain us. Laura van Dernoot Lipsky, bestselling author of Trauma Stewardshi...

The Organized Student
Goldberg, Donna

65% off list price of $14.00

Overstuffed backpacks, missing homework, the unused planner, the test he didn't know about. Sound familiar? Organized Student gives parents the skills necessary for teaching their own children how to organize themselves from an expert whose been organizing kids for fifteen years.

What's Math Got to Do with It? How Teachers and Parents Can Transform Mathematics Learning and Inspire Success
Boaler, Jo

56% off list price of $17.00

A critical read for teachers and parents who want to improve children’s mathematics learning, What’s Math Got to Do with It? is "an inspiring resource" (Publishers Weekly). Featuring all the important advice and suggestions in the original edition of What’s Math Got to Do with It?, this revised e...

Math Doesn't Suck: How to Survive Middle School Math Without Losing Your Mind or Breaking a Nail
McKellar, Danica

62% off list price of $16.00

As the math education crisis in this country continues to make headlines, research continues to prove that it is in middle school when math scores begin to drop - especially for girls - in large part due to the relentless social conditioning that tells girls they “can’t do” math, and that math is...

63 Documents the Government Doesn't Want You to Read
Ventura, Jesse

67% off list price of $14.95

There's the Freedom of Information Act, and then there's Jesse . . . The official spin on numerous government programs is flat-out bullsh*t, according to Jesse Ventura. In this incredible collection of actual government documents, Jesse Ventura, the ultimate non-partisan truth-seeker, proves it b...

The War Against Boys: How Misguided Policies are Harming Our Young Men
Sommers, Christina Hoff

54% off list price of $16.00

An updated and revised edition of the controversial classic--now more relevant than ever--argues that boys are the ones languishing socially and academically, resulting in staggering social and economic costs. Girls and women were once second-class citizens in the nation's schools. Americans resp...

The Global Achievement Gap (Revised and Updated)
Wagner, Tony

66% off list price of $17.99

In The Global Achievement Gap, education expert Tony Wagner situates our school problems in the larger context of the demands of the global knowledge economy. He illustrates that even in our best schools, we don't teach or test the skills that matter most for the twenty-first century. Uncovering ...

50 Successful Harvard Application Essays: What Worked for Them Can Help You Get Into the College of Your Choice
The Harvard Crimson Staff

54% off list price of $15.99

With talented applicants coming from the top high schools as well as the pressure to succeed from family and friends, it’s no wonder that writing college application essays is one of the most stressful tasks high schoolers face. Add in how hard it is to get started or brag about accomplishments o...

In Conclusion, Don't Worry About It
Graham, Lauren

63% off list price of $15.00

“If you’re kicking yourself for not having accomplished all you should have by now, don’t worry about it. Even without any ‘big’ accomplishments yet to your name, you are enough.” In this expansion of the 2017 commencement speech she gave at her hometown Langley High, Lauren Graham, the beloved s...

Teach Like Your Hair's on Fire
Esquith, Rafe

54% off list price of $16.00

Perhaps the most famous fifth-grade teacher in America, Rafe Esquith has won numerous awards and even honorary citizenship in the British Empire for his outstandingly successful methods. In his Los Angeles public school classroom, he helps impoverished immigrant children understand Shakespeare, p...

Letting Go: A Parents' Guide to Understanding the College Years (Sixth Edition)
Coburn, Karen Levin

60% off list price of $16.99

The sixth edition of this classic parents’ guide and college orientation staple has been thoroughly revised and updated to reflect the realities of college today. For more than a decade, Letting Go has provided hundreds of thousands of parents with valuable insights, information, comfort, and gui...

Page 2 of 9 - 214 results

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