Bestial: Werewolf Apocalypse

Bestial: Werewolf Apocalypse

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Beneath the dim light of a full moon, an airborne virus mutates the population of Cincinnati into huge, snarling creatures of legend - werewolves, who act upon their most base and bestial desires, devouring everyone they see. Planes fall from the sky. Highways are clogged with abandoned cars, and buildings explode and topple. The city burns. Only four people are immune to the metamorphosis: a smooth-talking thief who maintains the code of the Old West; an African-American bank teller who has struggled her entire life to emerge unscathed from the ghetto; a wealthy middle-aged housewife who finds everything she once believed to be a lie; and a teenaged runaway turning tricks for food. Somehow, these survivors must discover what triggered the end of everything. Not only is the city filled with beasts at night, but in the daylight hours, the same monsters return to human form, many driven insane by atrocities committed during their transformation. Now another night is fast approaching. And once again the moon will be full....

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  • ISBN 13: 9781451646856
  • ISBN 10: 1451646852
  • Publisher:
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 296
  • Size: 8.90" l x 6.00" w x 0.80" h

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