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I Am Because You Are
Lief, Jacob

95% off list price of $24.99

In 1998, Jacob Lief, a 21-year-old American university student, met school teacher Malizole "Banks" Gwaxula in a township tavern in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. After bonding over beers and a shared passion for education, Gwaxula invited Lief to live with him in the township. Inspired by their f...

The Mask of Destiny (The Archer Legacy Bk. 3)
Newsome, Richard

83% off list price of $6.99

Gerald, Sam, and Ruby are attending the murder trial of Sir Mason Green, hoping to see their longtime enemy put away for good. But just as the trial is about to begin, Mason Green is killed--and Gerald is framed for the murder. And he has only one choice: to run.

Our Daily Bread
Davis, Lauren B.

94% off list price of $17.99

A novel about what happens when we view our neighbours as "The Other" and the transformative power of unlikely friendships; Our Daily Bread is inspired by the true story of the Goler Clan of Nova Scotia. The God-fearing people of Gideon shun the Erskine Clan, who have lived on North Mountain in p...

The Dark Between the Stars (The Saga of Shadows, Bk. 1)
Anderson, Kevin J.

96% off list price of $27.99

Twenty years after the elemental conflict that nearly tore apart the cosmos in The Saga of Seven Suns, a new threat emerges from the darkness. The human race must set aside its own inner conflicts to rebuild their alliance with the Ildiran Empire for the survival of the galaxy. Galactic empires c...

Defy the Dark
Mitchell, Saundra (Edt)

83% off list price of $9.99

In the dark, nothing--and nowhere-- is off-limits, and anything can happen. Saundra Mitchell presents original stories of the dangers, possibilities, and hopes born of darkness by . . . Sarah Rees Brennan Kate Espey Tessa Gratton Rachel Hawkins Christine Johnson Valerie Kemp Malinda Lo Myra Mcent...

Wondrous Strange
Livingston, Lesley

87% off list price of $8.99

When seventeen-year-old actress Kelley Winslow meets Sonny Flannery, she discovers he is a changeling and guardian of the gate between the faerie Otherworld and the mortal realm. She also learns that her mother had otherworldly powers that she has passed on to Kelley.

Passenger on the Pearl: The True Story of Emily Edmonson's Flight from Slavery
Conkling, Winifred

90% off list price of $10.95

The page-turning, heart-wrenching true story of one young woman willing to risk her safety and even her life for a chance at freedom in the largest slave escape attempt in American history.In 1848, thirteen-year-old Emily Edmonson, five of her siblings, and seventy other enslaved people boarded t...

Social Suicide
Halliday, Gemma

87% off list price of $8.99

Twittercide: the killing of one human being by another while the victim is in the act of tweeting. Call me crazy, but I figured writing for the Herbert Hoover High Homepage would be a pretty sweet gig. Pad the resume for college applications, get a first look at the gossip column, spend some time...

Ascending the Boneyard
Watson, C. G.

94% off list price of $17.99

Caleb Tosh has suffered one personal trauma too many, but this last one—the sudden departure of his mom—has pushed him down a dark and disorienting path. His favorite video-game, Boneyard, becomes his go-to coping mechanism, and Tosh gladly gets lost in the maps of the game rather than move throu...

A Change of Lace (Sew Zoey, Bk. 9)
Taylor, Chloe

87% off list price of $17.99

As a new school year begins, everyone and everything starts to change. Can Zoey keep up? Includes "Sew Zoey" blog posts and fashion illustrations. In the ninth book in the Sew Zoey series, quite a few people have a change of heart - and clothes. One of Zoey's frenemies asks for Zoey's help choos...

The Confessions of Frances Godwin
Hellenga, Robert

94% off list price of $26.00

The Confessions of Frances Godwin is the fictional memoir of a retired high school Latin teacher looking back on a life of trying to do her best amidst transgressions - starting with her affair with Paul, whom she later marries. Now that Paul is dead and she’s retired, Frances Godwin thinks...

Stories I Only Tell My Friends
Lowe, Rob

92% off list price of $15.99

A wryly funny and surprisingly moving account of an extraordinary life lived almost entirely in the public eyeA teen idol at fifteen, an international icon and founder of the Brat Pack at twenty, and one of Hollywood's top stars to this day, Rob Lowe chronicles his experiences as a painfully misu...

Beyond the Sling
Bialik, Mayim

89% off list price of $16.00

ATTACHMENT PARENTING rests on one revolutionary principle: you already know the majority of what you need to know to be an incredible parent. Popularized by physicians like Dr. William Sears and Dr. Jay Gordon, attachment parenting directly contradicts the two hundred years of Western culture tha...

Cook It Quick!: Speedy Recipes with Low POINTS Value in 30 Minutes or Less (Weight Watchers)
Weight Watchers

86% off list price of $16.95

In today's overworked world, busy people have less and less time to cook the healthy, enticing meals their families crave. But now, Weight Watchers Cook It Quick! takes some of the work out of your workday by supplying you with fabulous fix-it-fast ideas for all your evening meals. Based on the F...

Getting Pregnant (Revised and Updated)
Lauersen, Niels H.

90% off list price of $16.95

The only must-have fertility book, Getting Pregnant, completely revised and updated, not only addresses the needs of those who cannot conceive but serves as the ultimate guide for anyone planning to have a baby, now or in the future.

The Global War on Morris
Israel, Steve

93% off list price of $15.00

Meet Morris Feldstein, a pharmaceutical salesman living and working in western Long Island who loves the Mets, loves his wife Rona, and loves things just the way they are. He doesn’t enjoy the news; he doesn’t like to argue. Rona may want to change the world; Morris wants the world to leave him a...

The Weasel
Humphreys, Adrian

89% off list price of $15.99

In the world of organized crime the bosses grab the headlines, as the names Capone, Gotti, Bonnano, Cotroni and Rizzuto attest. But a crime family has many working parts and the young mobster known as The Weasel was the epitome of a crucial, invisible cog - the soldier, the muscle, the driver, th...

Murder of Crows (The Others, Bk 2)
Bishop, Anne

95% off list price of $26.95

A string of drug-fueled violence and murders between humans and Others sends cassandra sangue, Meg Corbyn, inside the Courtyard to discuss the prophetic dreams she's been having in the follow-up to Written in Red.

Skies of Ash
Hall, Rachel Howzell

94% off list price of $25.99

Los Angeles homicide detective Elouise "Lou" Norton and her partner, Colin Taggert, arrive at the scene of a tragic house fire. Juliet Chatman perished in the blaze, along with her two children. Left behind is grieving husband and father Christopher Chatman, hospitalized after trying to rescue hi...

Team Human
Larbalestier, Justine

91% off list price of $9.99

Just because Mel lives in a city founded by vampires, doesn't mean she knows any of the blood-drinking undead personally. But when her best friend falls in love with one, it's up to Mel to save her from a mistake she might regret for all eternity! Add in a mysterious disappearance, a cranky vampi...

Come, Barbarians
Babiak, Todd

88% off list price of $17.99

Christopher Kruse has moved to the south of France with his wife and daughter to become a better man - to escape his past as a high-priced security agent and his guilt over old wrongs. But after a harrowing accident, he finds himself drawn into a web of political gamesmanship and murder. When his...

Reed, Amy

94% off list price of $17.99

When Kinsey’s best friend Camille dies in a car accident while she was behind the wheel, she shuts down completely, deciding that numbness is far better than mourning. She wants to be left alone during the last few weeks of high school, but Camille’s mysterious boyfriend Hunter, who was also in t...

Clothes Minded (Sew Zoey, Bk. 11)
Taylor, Chloe

87% off list price of $17.99

Zoey always tries to keep an open mind about clothes. Can she do the same for people, too? Includes "Sew Zoey" blog posts and fashion illustrations. In the eleventh book in the Sew Zoey series, Zoey Webber thinks she's helping when she gives advice to a boy who has a crush on her best friend Kat...

It's Not about Perfect
Miller, Shannon

95% off list price of $25.99

"When the odds were against me, I was always at my best." When she retired at age 19, Shannon Miller did so as one of the most recognizable gymnasts in the country. The winner of seven Olympic medals and the most decorated gymnast, male or female, in U.S. history, Shannon tells a story of surviv...

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