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Amazing Grace Adult Coloring Book (Coloring Faith)

62% off list price of $12.99

Delight your heart and lift your spirit with inspirational words from a beloved hymn. As you color your way through the pages of this beautiful and interactive coloring book, you will find rest and peace to quiet your mind and heart. Peaceful garden images filled with blooming flowers, butterflie...

An Invitation to Prayer for Mothers
Countryman, Jack

54% off list price of $12.99

It's no easy task being a mother, raising children to be godly adults of integrity and character, especially with the temptations and distractions in today's culture. Fortunately, there's a way to access the true source of guidance, encouragement, peace, patience and wisdom-prayer! An Invitation ...

And Then I Had Kids
Yates, Susan
(Pocket Books)

51% off list price of $5.99

When Susan Alexander Yates's twin daughters were born, they joined siblings ages two, four, and seven. But whether you have one small child or you're flirting with double digits, every parent needs help and encouragement from someone who has been there - and come out alive. Drawing from her own e...

Ask Your Mother
Carpenter, Ruth

60% off list price of $9.95

When you’re setting a dinner table, making marmalade, or fumbling in the dark, who better to enlighten you than your dear old mother? She knows a thing or two about life, like how to buy underwear, balance a check book, and flirt successfully. But when she’s not around, check out this collection ...

The Atomic Weight of Love
Church, Elizabeth J.

62% off list price of $25.95

In her sweeping debut novel, Elizabeth J. Church takes us from the World War II years in Chicago to the vast sun-parched canyons of New Mexico in the 1970s as we follow the journey of a driven, spirited young woman, Meridian Wallace, whose scientific ambitions are subverted by the expectations of...

The Belly Art Project: Moms Supporting Moms
Blakely, Sara

67% off list price of $29.99

The Belly Art Project is a celebration of one of humanity’s greatest gifts: motherhood! Created by Sara Blakely, the founder of Spanx and the Sara Blakely Foundation, this beautiful, happy book features photographs of over 100 women who came together and used unlikely canvases - their bellies -...

The Best Homes from This Old House
O'Connor, Kevin

63% off list price of $35.00

This Old House is America’s longest-running home improvement show, airing on PBS since 1979. In this book, host Kevin O’Connor will chronicle 10 of the finest transformations rendered by the craftsmen and artists from the past decade of filming the show. Never before have completed pr...

Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear
Gilbert, Elizabeth

60% off list price of $24.95

Biscuit Loves Mother's Day
Capucilli, Alyssa Satin

58% off list price of $6.99

Let's celebrate Mother's Day, Biscuit! There are so many ways to make Mom feel special. Pull back the big flaps to see the surprises Biscuit and the little girl have in store for Mom!

The Blessing of A Skinned Knee: Using Jewish Teachings to Raise Self-Reliant Children
Mogel, Wendy

94% off list price of $16.00

In the trenches of a typical day, every parent encounters a child afflicted with ingratitude and entitlement. In a world where material abundance abounds, parents want so badly to raise self-disciplined, appreciative, and resourceful children who are not spoiled by the plentitude around them. But...

The Book of Wanderings
Meyer, Kimberly

86% off list price of $27.00

To a mother and daughter on an illuminating pilgrimage, this is what the desert said: Carry only what you need. Burn what can't be saved. Leave the remnants as an offering. When Kimberly Meyer gave birth to her first daughter, Ellie, during her senior year of college, the bohemian life of explor...

Born to Be Awkward: Celebrating Those Imperfect Moments of Babyhood
Bender, Mike

74% off list price of $15.00

Our first few years are the most photographed time of our lives. Our parents document every milestone and then feel compelled to share these photos with the world. The only problem is, we haven't developed our motor skills and can't control our faces, or any other parts of our body for that matte...

Catastrophic Happiness: Finding Joy in Childhood's Messy Years
Newman, Catherine

67% off list price of $25.00

A comic and heartwarming memoir about childhood's second act from Real Simple journalist Catherine Newman. Much is written about a child's infancy and toddler years, which is good since children will never remember it themselves. It is ages 4-14 that make up the second act, as Catherine Newman pu...

Color Me Stress - Free Nearly 100 Coloring Templates to Unplug and Rewind
Mucklow, Lacy
(Coloring Books)

48% off list price of $16.99

Work, kids, relationships, meetings, traffic, bills...we are all faced with stress on a daily basis. And sometimes you just need a way to relieve the tension and avoid burnout, illness, or worse. A simple and inexpensive way to relieve stress is by coloring images, which can be soothing. Some ev...

Color Odyssey: A Creative Coloring Journey
Garver (Created by), Chris

60% off list price of $14.95

From Chris Garver--in-demand tattoo artist, illustrator, and former star of TLC's Miami Ink--comes a richly illustrated coloring book that explores the beauty of nature. With double-sided pages of mostly hand-drawn images, Color Odyssey features elaborate butterflies flitting among gardens of flo...

Coloring for Tranquility: Color Your Way to Happiness and Harmony
Parragon Books

66% off list price of $9.99

Color your way to relaxation and inner peace with this beautiful book of calming patterns. Coloring inspires mindfulness and reduces stress as it is both soothing and creatively stimulating. Be transported away from everyday worries and achieve a zen-like state of mind through the simple act of c...

Crush: Writers Reflect on Love, Longing, and the Lasting Power of Their First Celebrity Crush
Alter, Cathy

71% off list price of $19.99

A star-studded collection of essays from acclaimed and bestselling authors and celebrities that illuminates the lasting power of desire and longing, and celebrates our initiation into the euphoria, pain, and mystery that is our first celebrity crush.You never forget your first crush . . .CRUSH br...

The Day My Mother Left
Prosek, James

63% off list price of $7.99

Jeremy's whole life changed the day his mother left. When his mother leaves with the father of his worst enemy at school, nine-year-old Jeremy seeks to make sense of her abandonment. He throws himself into recreating the Book of Birds, a collection of drawings that his mother took with her on th...

Dear Life: Stories
Munro, Alice

76% off list price of $20.00

The fourteen stories in this brilliant collection show Alice Munro coming home to southwestern Ontario, with Toronto looming on the horizon.

The Diaper Diaries
Copeland, Cynthia L.

91% off list price of $9.95

She's hilarious. She's also wise and full of empathy. And she helps new mothers maintain the one thing they can't survive without - a sense of humor. Cynthia Copeland, a mother of three, knows the real poop - figuratively and literally - on being a new mother, and she has the wit, skill, and gene...

Do It Yourself - DIY Ideas
Better Homes and Gardens

73% off list price of $24.99

Projects and tips for every room For more than 75 years Better Homes and Gardens has been one of America's most trusted sources for information on home decorating. Do It Yourself, a popular BHG special interest publication, puts a youthful, crafty spin on DIY decor. With refreshing ideas, clear d...

Eloise's Mother's Day Surprise (Ready-to-Read, Level 1)
Thompson, Kay

38% off list price of $3.99

It is Mother's Day, and Eloise is in search of the perfect present for Mother, with help from Nanny and Weenie.

Everyday Thoughts: Super Mom
Publications International Ltd
(Wire Coil/Wire Combination)

61% off list price of $9.99

Begin every day with a sweet, funny, or heart warming thought - written just for moms! Spiral bound top-flip with fold out desk pedestal. Can be used year after year.

For Mother with Love
Stuart, Sarah Anne

70% off list price of $12.95

In a loving tribute, this beautiful collection of poems and prose celebrates motherhood. From our infancy, through the pain and pleasure of learning and growing, each of us has a mother to thank for accompanying us on our journey be it our birth mother or that special caring person whom we love a...

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